Camp-Locations / Camp-Dates

2019 Camp Locations und Dates

Berlin-Charlottenburg July, 13th  to 27th 2019 (Protestant Parish Luisengemeinde / Grave yards)

Ruhland July, 20th – August, 3rd 2019 (YMCA Ruhland e.V.)

Berlin-Köpenick (Building and Theatre project) July, 20th – August, 4th 2019 (Sozdia project: Youth Club “The Horn” / Adventure Playground Köpenick)

Hönow near Berlin July, 27th to August, 10th 2019 (Protestant Parish Hönow)

Leipzig-Sommerfeld July, 21st to August, 4th 2018 (Protestant Parish Sommerfeld, Engelsdorf and Hirschfeld)

Wünsdorf (Unfortunately no more to book!) July, 20th – August, 3rd 2019 (Youth Education Center Helmut-Gollwitzer-House)

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