Campaign “Perform a good deed for EYS”

A survey conducted on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of work camps among former and current work camp participants showed that work camps are still an unknown format of international youth work and unfortunately not all potentially interested young people are reached. This experience is also shared by the Ecumenical Youth Services. From year to year the number of participants from Germany is decreasing. We want to change that!

Aim of the campaign
The campaign “Perform a good deed for EYS” aims to publicly highlight the importance, awareness, diversity and creativity of the Ecumenical Youth Services. All results, actions and produced materials help to increase the visibility of the EYS work camps and make this great offer accessible to a larger group of young people.

The campaign focuses on the personal relevance of EYS work camps for each individual concerned. By making contacts and friendships, learning something special, experiencing themselves in a new way and the experience of being able to make a difference, all participants have a personal benefit. The overarching importance for society as a whole is an intentional secondary aspect that arises and has an effect unnoticed.

Duration of the campaign
The campaign will start in April 2021 and run until October 2022, when the 66th anniversary of EYS will be celebrated. Until then, the association calls on everyone to do a good deed for EYS in various areas.

Visualising the response to the campaign
To visualise the response to the campaign, we have set up an email address: We ask you for a short bullet point feedback about your good deeds.

Your comments/feedbacks will be anonymously visualised as colourful flowers on the meadow below:


Here are a few ideas for “good deeds” for:

  1. the camp organisation
    – I recruit 1 new camp participant
    – I recruit 1 new camp partner
    – I enrich the “living library” with my EYS experiences – my moment of happiness (interview, video, story, photo).
    – I write an article about the EYS in the community newsletter, local newspaper / church newspaper / school newspaper.
    – I convince 1 responsible body of voluntary services that there is the possibility for FSJ students & Co. to take over the leadership of a camp as part of their voluntary service.
    – I use my social media channels to promote EYS.
    – I use the hashtag #EYS-Workcamps for all actions, offers and measures on site.
  2. Participants of the EYS
    – I visit a camp and spend time with the group, e.g. on a country evening, organise a sports programme, work with the group.
    – I offer a guided tour of the city for the group.
    – I bake a cake for the camp
    – I give the camp group fruit/vegetables from the garden.
    – I organise a devotion for the group
  3. Team members of EYS
    – I make myself available as a mentor for the team members.
    – I come to the (digital) seminar and offer a workshop to
  4. The camp partner
    – I organise bicycles for the camp
    – I support shopping with my car
  5. The support association
    – I recruit new members for the association
    – I donate to the association

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