Volunteers 2020-22
EYS volunteers are young people from different parts of Germany and from abroad. They are very different people with distinct experiences and talents. The work of EYS drives with their personal dedication.

Teamer, Webmaster and other estimated helping hands
Mario Bejarano (Spain)
Degree studies “Aerospace”
Teamer 2021+2022

Máté Dolhai (Hungary)
Degree studies “Psycology”
Teamer 2022

Alejandro Gutiérrez Antón (Spain)
Degree studies “Engineering”
Teamer 2020+2022

Martin Härtel (Germany)
Political Scientist/Volunteer Management
Teamer 2007/2009/2011
Camp-Mentor 2011/2012/2013/2014
Experiential Education 2014
Member of EYS-Advisory Board from 2011 till today

Anna-Theresa Klante (Germany)
Educationist/Social Worker
Teamer 2013-2016/2018
Member of EYS-Advisory Board from 2017 till today

Lisa Kohn (Germany)
Degree studies “Veterinary Medicine”
Teamer 2014-2019+2021

Nadine Krings (Germany)
Landscape architecture “Landscape architecture”
Teamerin 2022

Lili Mester (Hungary)
Degree studies “Hotel management + Tourism”
Teamer 2019+2022

Mátyás Mészáros (Hungary)
Highschool student
Teamer 2021+2022

Martin Mittrenga (Deutschland)
Degree studies “Electrical Engineering”
Teamer 2021+2022

Bálint Nátrán (Hungary)
Degree studies “Information Technology”
Teamer 2021+2022

Barnabás Oláh (Hungary)
Degree studies “Psycology”
Teamer 2018-2020+2021+2022

Zsófia Pap (Hungary)
Masters degree on the field accounting, economics
Teamer 2019/2020+2022

Ellen Reinert (Germany)
Child Care Worker
Teamer 2012/2013
Birthday Angel 2013-till today

Milica Samac (Serbia)
Degree studies “German Studies”
Teamer 2017-2019+2021+2022

Aliz Szekeres (Hungary)
Teamer 2018/2019+2021+2022

Gabija Ulinskaite (Lithuania)
Degree studies “Socialogy”
Teamer 2019+2021+2022

Zsolt Bence Veidinger (Germany/Hungary)
Degree studies „Psychology“
Teamer 2018-2020+2022

Nuria Villar (Spain)
Degree studies “Engineering of Telecommunication”
Teamer 2020+2022