Teamer Experience Reports

Field report by Monika from Košice (Slovakia)
How did I get the idea to lead a Work Camp?
After 2 beautiful Work Camps, which I could experience as a participant, I got the feeling that I could engage myself more deeply in this field. I noticed that I could understand many languages and that’s why I often helped with the organisation. I always liked the role of the leader and I felt comfortable with the ideas of developing and guiding different games. When I was approached by Karolin (during her visit to the  Work Camp), I simply said YES, but hoping that everything would be explained to me.

What were my motives?
The decision was a big challenge for me. I wanted to get to know new people again, but this time I wanted to see the project from a different perspective in order to gain new experiences.

What experiences have I gained?
I used to work as a carer for small children in Saxony, but that was different. Motivating and “leading” young people of the same age is not always easy. I learned how best to create a good atmosphere in the workplace and at the same time achieve the desired performance. On the other hand, you also have to deal with many important adults during the camp (partners, mediators, “community”).
But one of the most important tasks of the teamers is the financial administration. Because I study economics, I was particularly interested in getting to know the whole process of “bookkeeping”. Organizational and planning management (excursions) as well as the ability to work in a team have also developed in my life through this experience.

How did leading a Work Camp shape my future life?
First, friendship. I am still in contact with some participants, but especially with team members, we meet a few times a year and visit each other in Europe. I met great people here, whom I will never forget.
Secondly, it is my own personality. I have become more open, less afraid of new tasks and unknown situations and my language skills have also improved.

How was I prepared for my task and role as a volunteer camp leader?
Before every summer there are so-called preparation seminars where you can discuss everything important. For me, it was also very helpful that experienced team members shared their previous experiences and were thus prepared for several critical situations.