Non-profit support association for Ecumenical Youth Services (EYS)

The Support Association of Ecumenical Youth Services (ÖJD) e.V. wishes you a blessed and peaceful New Year 2024!

“Foundation of the Association for Ecumenical Youth Services (EYS) e.V.”
On September 26th 2020, friends and supporters of the Ecumenical Youth Services (EYS) met in Leipzig to found a non-profit support association. The work of the association is directly linked to the EYS offers for international youth exchanges.

The association exclusively and directly pursues charitable purposes in the sense of §§ 51-68 AO.

The work of the association is connected to the international educational offers of the Ecumenical Youth Services. The Ecumenical Youth Services take social and global responsibility with their educational activities. Education for justice, peace and the integrity of creation as well as for social cohesion is one of the basic concerns of the Ecumenical Youth Services.

Brief history of Ecumenical Youth Services
After World War 2, the work camp movement spread to all areas of the world.
The birth of the Ecumenical Recovery Camps/Youth Services (EYS) can be attributed to the Youth Department of the World Council of Churches in Geneva (WCC). At that time, EYSs were organised from various countries, including the GDR. Today, there is only one EYS left in Europe and that is in Germany, which is the follow-up organisation of the Ecumenical Youth Service that was so active in the GDR. It is important to promote and develop this organisation, which is the only one left.

Purpose of the association
To promote the Ecumenical Youth Services. The purpose of the statutes is pursued through:

  • Networking on a national level in order to win new camp and cooperation partners and to stay in contact with former partners and through networking on an ecumenical-international level (e.g. EYCE).
  • Public relations work by continuously acquiring participants and team members.
  • Establishment and further development of an alumni network
  • Developing and implementing ideas for content-related work, events, activities, further training, theological support.
  • Safeguarding and using the historical heritage of the Ecumenical Youth Services
  • Ideational and financial support of the regular work of the Ecumenical Youth Services

Flyer Förderverein der Ökumenischen Jugenddienste (ÖJD) e.V.

If you would like to support us financially in our work, you can do so with a donation, which you can transfer to the following account:
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