Porcelain Coffee-To-Go mug

Gift and everyday object
The Ecumenical Youth Services have produced a porcelain Coffee-To-Go mug to go with the “Key Moment” game. The occasion for the production of the cup was the 60th anniversary of the Ecumenical Youth Services, which was celebrated in 2016.

Material and dimensions
The cup is made of porcelain and double-walled. It thus keeps the heat away from the hands and the drink hot
The lid is made of silicone, lasts years and always fits perfectly.
Mug and lid are both dishwasher safe.
Height:13,50 cm
Diameter (outside): 9.20 cm
Filling capacity: approx. 225 ml

Price: 7,00 Euro
Plus shipping costs (The shipping costs depend on the shipping method, size and the logistics provider).

Designer Moh Portuondo Alvarez

Ökumenische Jugenddienste
Goethestr. 26-30
10625 Berlin
E-Mail workcamp@akd-ekbo.de