Commitment and Rules

  1. We are a camp!
    We live and work together and support one another. All participants and group leaders belong to the camp.
  2. We are polite, considerate and fair with one another.
  3. We respect each other (the privacy of everyone / the property of others).
  4. We actively engage against derogatory behaviour. Discrimination and violence are not tolerated.
  5. We treat the camp location, camp objects and materials with care.
  6. Smoking is allowed from age 18 in designated areas only.
  7. NO drugs
  8. NO hard alcohol
    According to German law, the consumption of alcohol (beer and wine) is permitted from the age of 16. The rule for the EYS is: Beer and wine are only allowed in the evening from 8.00 p.m. onwards and the amount of alcohol is based on the requirement that the alcohol level is 0‰ the next morning!