Camp-Locations / Camp-Dates

International EYS Work Camps (Pins Pink)
Wünsdorf  July 15th – 29th, 2023 (Helmut-Gollwitzer-Haus – Protestant Education Center)

Eco-Church Deutzen July 15th – 29th, 2023 (Catholic Parish St. Konrad)

Hönow near Berlin  July 22nd – August 5th, 2023 (Protestant Parish Hönow)

Berlin-Charlottenburg July 29th – August 12th, 2023 (Protestant Parish Luisengemeinde / Grave yards)

Berlin-Reinickendorf July 29th – August 12th, 2023 (Circle of Friends of the Old Institutional Cemetery Memorial)

Young refugees from Ukraine can participate in a camp free of charge.
The registration fee of 25€ and the travel costs to and from the camp (49€-ticket or more with justified cause) are covered by the “ÖJD-Förderverein”, all other costs are covered by the Ecumenical Youth Services. Participation in an EYS work camp is thus a completely free offer for young people from Ukraine who are currently in Germany and would like to spend some carefree time with their peers during the summer months.

The Ecumenical Youth Services and the “ÖJD-Förderverein” hope that this offer will enable young refugees to meet and experience self-efficacy.

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