Statement from Participants


  • Eszter: “These two weeks were a great experience for me, I was able to gain good experiences with independence and adaptability.


  • Bence and Aliz: “In these two weeks we have experienced a lot of new things. We got to know Berlin, the German culture and each other very well. Although we worked every day, we had a lot of free time. We also saw a lot of Berlin. Our team was really good, I didn’t expect to make such friends. Because of the diversity at the workcamp, we got to know not only Germany but also the other countries better. The workcamp was a fantastic experience with special people who became real friends of mine. I am overjoyed to have been able to participate in this program and I would like to go back to Germany next year for a workcamp.


  • Márk: “I would never have thought that I would spend my summer holidays in Germany. A trip into the blue? No, that wouldn’t be me. Or can’t be. Yes, it sounds like that, because I actually registered for it “by mistake”. Why? I had no better alternative than to volunteer for an Ecumenical Youth Service for two weeks. Either I would have stayed at home or I would have just tried to get some fresh air. Oh so, the fresh air has become Germany. Yes, in the end I don’t have much more to say. I am happy that I have finally made this decision and have not missed this opportunity.


  • Peter: “I can describe the two weeks we spent in Germany as the best two weeks of my life. For me personally, the biggest experience was that the camp leaders asked me if I wanted to become a camp leader next year. I didn’t hesitate for long, it is after all a great unique opportunity. I am very grateful for everything, for the new friendships, that I was able to expand my language skills, that I can see the world from a new perspective. In the future I will certainly participate in such camps, perhaps as a camp leader”.


  • Szilvia: “I met very nice and interesting people who presented their own culture. The only problem was the shortness of time. Next year I want to visit such a camp, but if it is possible, for a longer period of time. I can only recommend it to everyone”.
  • Bence: “To mention a few keywords: Two weeks, but an experience for eternity. 16 young people from different countries, but in the end like siblings. 14 day old acquaintances, but who feel like friendships from childhood on. An unknown place that became our new home.”


  • Júlia: “We have been working in landscape conservation, weeding weeds in cemeteries and at a former Stasi bunker. On the days we didn’t work, we visited Leipzig, the zoo and made a trip to Saxon Switzerland. Church visits and spiritual hours were also part of the program. In the evening there was a disco. I would have loved to stay there, forever”.
  • Bence: “The best two weeks in my life that I spent abroad”.
  • Ingrid: “Although it was difficult to communicate at the beginning, because some only spoke German and some only English, it was fortunately already no problem from the third, fourth day, and all could communicate with each other, so very good and (hopefully) lasting friendships developed.
  • Ákos: “Everyone thought that getting to know each other would be difficult. But thanks to our team leaders it was easy, not least through the games we were able to learn the names quickly, and through the conversations that lasted until 1 and 2 a.m. in the night, as well as the joint work, get to know the personality of the other. People (our comrades) came from many countries, for example from Lithuania, Poland, Serbia, Czech Republic, Ukraine and of course from Germany. But there were no problems because of the different languages, everyone could speak English and German. But of course we also learned Czech and Ukrainian terms like they learned Hungarian”.