General Infomation

General Information Regarding the Camps
This section is to provide you with general information about the EYS camps.
4 weeks before a camp starts you will receive a letter with detailed information from the camp leaders. Following an EYS YouTube -Video EYS Camps – A Practical Guide Vol. 1 and EYS Camps – A Practical Guide Vol. 2
The videos were created at 2 EYS team preparation seminars. The EYS teamers thought about the topics to be covered in the videos, developed the scenes and performed them. The video was also recorded and edited by an EYS participant.

Here some advance information for your orientation:

Arrival and Departure

  • Please organize to arrive at and depart from the camp on the designated dates. Under extraordinary circumstances it may be possible to arrange to arrive a day earlier at the camp, or to leave a day later. However, if this is the case, you must contact the camp coordinator before you make your travel arrangements.
  • Each individual is responsible for making his or her individual travel arrangements. If requested, we will be happy to arrange contacts between participants so that travel groups may be formed.

Passport and Visa

  • All participants from outside of Germany need a passport which is valid for at least six months after the final date of your stay in Germany.
  • Participants, who need to apply for an entry visa, have to contact the camp coordinator.


  • The accommodation provided is generally very simple. You sleep on camping mats or mattresses on the floor.
  • The group cooks its own meals and provides for its own daily housekeeping needs, including keeping the accommodations neat and clean.
  • Please bring with you bed sheets or a sleeping bag and a camping mat (as specified in the camp letter!)

Certificate of attendance:

  • At the end of the camp you will receive a certificate of attendance by EYS

Camp Topic

  • The camp topic differs from camp to camp. More information will be given in the camp letter!
  • In addition to our practical work, we will work on a camp topic and learn about the countries and cultures of the participants.

Packing list – Essentials to bring along:

  • Passport
  • Student Card in case of claiming potential discounts during our trips
  • European Health Insurance Card


  • Working outfit – long trousers, shoes that cover your feet, t-shirts that may become dirty from work
  • Warm and waterproof clothes in case of rain or cold weather.
  • Hat and/or cap as a head protection

Other things

  • Medication
  • Sun lotion, anti-UV cream
  • Mosquito protection
  • 2 pairs of shoes in case one pair gets wet
  • 2 towels (maybe one for bathing and one for swimming)
  • A sleeping mattress or/and sleeping mat
  • A sleeping bag or bedding
  • Slippers/indoor shoes, e.g. flip-flops

Project work

  • Please note: special information about the project work willl be given in the camp letter.


  • Information and materials about your country/region
  • Recipe for a local meal of your native country/region
  • Something you find special or unique about your culture (e.g. a dance)
  • Music from your country
  • Your favorite film from your country (preferably with English or German subtitles)


  • Swim suit
  • Games you like to play
  • Activities and events you would like to do
  • Places you like to visite
  • A guitar or another musical instrument (only if it’s logistically feasible for you)
  • Music
  • Creative and fun ideas
  • Good humour 😉
  • Motivation