Costs and Insurance


  • Food, board and group activities are paid for by EYS.
  • For one camp we request a participation fee of 25,00 Euros. If you plan to participate in two work camps, you have to pay a participation fee for the second work camp of 12,50 Euro. (For 2 work camp you pay all together 37,50 Euro.)
  • You must pay your own travelling costs. You are responsible for organising your own travel to and from the camp.
  • Volunteer work is voluntary and unpaid. Your work is your contribution to the Work Camp.


  • For participants who needs visa, EYS will take out a health insurance.
    All other participants need the European Health Insurance Card or a private travel health insurance. Medical Conditions (illnesses, diseases,chronic conditions etc.)  you were already suffering from before arriving at the Work Camp are not covered by insurance.
  • More information on the European Health Insurance Card.
  • All participants will have accident and liability insurance, paid by EYS.