Costs and Insurance


  • Food, board and group activities are paid for by EYS.
  • For one camp we request a participation fee of 25,00 Euros. If you cancel your registration, you will incur cancellation costs in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions. The registration fee of 25.00 Euros must be transferred to the EYS account no later than 28 days before the start of the camp.
  • You must pay your own travelling costs. You are responsible for organising your own travel to and from the camp.
  • Volunteer work is voluntary and unpaid. Your work is your contribution to the Work Camp.


  • For participants who needs visa, EYS will take out a health insurance.
    All other participants need the European Health Insurance Card or a private travel health insurance. Medical Conditions (illnesses, diseases,chronic conditions etc.)  you were already suffering from before arriving at the Work Camp are not covered by insurance.
  • More information on the European Health Insurance Card.
  • All participants will have accident and liability insurance, paid by EYS.