Support for young people from Ukraine and refugees from Ukraine also in 2024
In the summer of 2022, the EYS non-profit support association started a campaign for young people (refugees) from Ukraine (age 16-26), in which the costs for participation in an EYS work camp were covered proportionately by the non-profit support association (€100/participant).

Since all other costs were covered by EYS, an EYS work camp was thus a completely free offer for young people (refugees) from Ukraine. The Ecumenical Youth Services and the EYS non-profit support association hope that this offer has enabled these young people to meet and experience self-efficacy.

2023, 3 Ukrainian women took advantage of this offer.
Tanya: “For me, the camp was an excellent practice of the English language. It was the first time I went to such a camp, as well as to Berlin itself. I left with tears in my eyes because it was hard to say goodbye both to new acquaintances and to the camp itself. For me, camp is still a place for new discoveries and new acquaintances. I remember the time spent at your camp as one of the best moments of my life. For me it was not only something new, but also a moral break from everything that was happening in my country.”

2022, 2 Ukrainian women took advantage of this offer.
Veronika: “When I applied for the camp last year in January, I didn’t know how my life would turn upside down. The war started in Ukraine. So when I received a letter from EYS that I was accepted into the camp,I agreed without hesitation. At that moment I just needed to somehow distract myself from the horror that was happening (and is still happening) in my country. From the camp I hoped to find new friends, and everything really turned out the way I wanted. That small group of people made me briefly distract from all the horror that occupied most of my thoughts. I experienced a hurricane of positive emotions. I think that the best thing in this camp is people, they are all different but at the same time open and ready for new acquaintances and undertakings. This group energy and the desire to move, change the world and do something good delights me and these are the people I want to be friends with, and this camp is one of the few places where I can find this type of people.”

Protestant Church Congress in Nuremberg (June 7th  – 11th, 2023)
Together with the Ecumenical Youth Services, the Association will be represented at the Protestant Church Congress in Nuremberg with a stand at the “Market of Opportunities” (Area “Living Learning”). The presence at the Church Congress is intended to present the work of the support association and to publicise the idea of the EYS work camps. This will be supported by the cooperation with the “Café Bildung” of the Protestant Church in Germany.

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