General Information about Evaluation
To evaluate Ecumenical Youth Services uses a tested and approved evaluation form  which has been developed on behalf of the German-French and German-Polish Jugendwerk and conforms to academic standards.

In 2005 a pilot study on evaluation of international youth camps was conducted. We use these dates for comparison.

Evaluation of recent Work Camps
In 2018 57 young people participated in our EYS Camps, 53 of them completed evaluation forms online at the end of their Camp participation.

The questionnaire consisted of two parts:
First participants were able to communicate their level of their contentment with general aspects of the encounter:
Campletter, Travel, Housing, Meals, Weather, Program, Workcamp work, Group activities, Free time, Organisation, Rules, Fun, Atmosphere, Team, Group, Overall opinion
Part 1 i-EVAL 2018

questions were asked about specific aspects:
Relation to the team, Social learning, Creative work, Languge and communication, Culture of the host region, General rating
Part 2 i-EVAL 2018