Covid-19 arrangements

Also in 2021, EYS camps will take place that comply with the state-established rules for the containment of Covid19. Because these regulations are always changing, a cancellation of the camp at short notice under pandemic conditions unfortunately cannot be ruled out. The hygiene concept is always adapted to the current conditions.

In addition to the regulations, the following arrangements are planned for the 2021 season:

  • The costs of Corona tests, which are required by the federal government upon entry, are paid by the EYS. We would like participants to reduce their contact with other people before the camp in order to avoid infection shortly before the camp.
  • Masks and hygiene supplies for disinfection are provided at the camp.
  • There are only small groups with a maximum of 13 participants and 2-3 team members.
  • Some of the camps take place in rural areas, which makes it easier to stay and live outdoors and avoid contact with crowds.
  • The sleeping quarters for the participants are chosen in such a way that a good distance can be kept.